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How the hybrid system works, is the option of gas and charcoal!

Light the charcoal using the gas burners without the need for messy lighter fluid.

Decide on gas or charcoal each time you cook! To cook on charcoal, simply lift up the grills with our grill lifters, add the charcoal, and use the gas burners to light it up. Then turn off the burners, and you’re ready to get that traditional charcoal BBQ taste.

All our Classic and Gourmet BBQs are available as Hybrid gas and charcoal.

Lighting Up

One of the benefits of the Hybrid system is that you have the perfect method for lighting your charcoal built into the BBQ. There’s no need for lighter fluid or paraffin cubes – great news as these can taint the flavour of anything you cook over the coals – simply light the gas burners and wait for 15 minutes, turn the gas off for 15 minutes and then the charcoal will have a white glow and be ready to cook on.


The best part of the Hybrid system is its flexibility, allowing you to use all gas, all charcoal or any combination of the two.

So why not try a bit of indirect cooking by loading the two outer trays with charcoal and leaving the rest unlit? This works perfectly if you’re roasting a larger piece of meat – leave the outer grills off to allow you to top up the charcoal even more easily! Or how about load a single tray with charcoal, ready to sear those steaks at a nice, charring heat, while the rest of your BBQ is kept nice and controlled on the gas.


One of the questions we get asked most about our Hybrid system is “What happens to all the ash, won’t the inside of my BBQ get covered in it?” Thankfully, the Hybrid trays are specially shaped to hold the briquette ash together - long after they’re cool enough for you to remove and tip the ash away before they’re ready to be used again. And, thanks to the Grillstream system, ash is all that’s in there – none of the congealed fats and meat juices that can make cleaning a regular charcoal barbecue a bit of a chore. The charcoal - it's essential to use the right sort of charcoal. Good quality briquettes are ideal for use with the hybrid system as they provide a nice long, even burn that doesn’t peak in heat too quickly. Lump wood, on the other hand, produces a very intense heat for a short amount of time which needs much more attention to get the best results, therefore briquettes are recommended above lump wood.

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