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Ready to get adventurous with your BBQ?

Sausages and burgers are a great staple of any barbecue but, if you’re looking to get a little bit more creative, the Gastro System has got you covered.

The 4 & 6 burner Grillstream models come equipped with our Gastro System which is great for cooking more delicate foods, such as fish and other seafood, that might otherwise break apart on the grills.

This griddle is removable and can be replaced by various Gastro accessories, including the pizza stone, chicken roaster and wok, available to purchase separately from our store.

Pizza Time!

Add some real variety to your barbecue with our Pizza Stone. You can customise each pizza to yours and your guest’s personal tastes, or if you’ve got children why not get them to design their own before you cook it for them?

Cooking Recommendations

The key to perfectly cooked pizza is heating up the Pizza Stone properly – ideal temperature is 220 °C / 425 °F – the ceramic nature of the Pizza Stone means this will take slightly longer than the rest of the grills. Don’t be fooled by its name, you can cook a lot more on a Pizza Stone besides Pizza! Why not have a go at baking your own bread as an accompaniment to your meal, or delicious chocolate chip cookies for pudding.

Feel like a Roast?

Our Chicken Roaster makes it super simple to get perfect, succulent chicken every time. Cook by using the Indirect cooking method (outer burners on, hood down, Gastro grill located in the centre) turns your barbecue into a convection oven, perfect for cooking the roast and all the trimmings.

The secret of the Chicken Roaster is the handy reservoir that can hold stock, wine, cider or whatever you want to flavour the Chicken with, keeping the meat moist throughout the cooking process.

A complete Wok up!

Do you want to literally spice-up your barbecue? Our wok works great over gas or charcoal. Both will enable it to get to that intense heat you need for the perfect stir-fry. But why stop there? Why not take a culinary tour of Asia and cook up a curry – Katsu, Thai, Jalfrezi – whatever tickles your taste buds. Let’s take it even further! Replicate your favourite takeaway right there on your barbecue, use your grills for meat or veggie skewers and warming rack for heating up naans or samosas.

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